Toplash eyeliner & wing stamp

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Toplash eyeliner & wing stamp – kaikki mitä tarvitset yhdessä paketissa. Voimakaspigmenttinen. Pitkäkestoinen. Nopeat ja helpot siivet hetkessä.


Saat täydelliset siivet 3 vaiheessa:

  1. Käytä leimaa leimatakseesi täydellisen siiven muodon kulmaan.
  2. Vedä puhdas viiva sisäosasta silmäluomen ulko-osaan.
  3. Täytä tila leiman ja viivan välillä.

Sitä voidaan käyttää sekä yhdessä että kahdessa kerroksessa. Levitä seuraava kerros, kun edellinen on kuivunut. Toplash Eyeliner on helppo pestä pois lämpimällä vedellä 37-38 °C lämpötilassa.

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Getting the perfect eyeliner look in just a few seconds is easy.

Black eyeliner is the perfect way to add expressiveness to your eyes and style.

Look neat and polished for a business meeting, daring and bold for a rock concert or party, or Hollywood celebrity chic for a holiday or fashion show.

You choose the perfect look!

Why Choose Toplash


The serum has been lab-tested and proven to be absolutely safe and hypoallergenic.

European quality

Every Toplash product is manufactured in the European Union with full COA and CPNP certification.

Guaranteed Effects

All products are fully tested and show noticeable results for the vast majority of women.

Create any eye design with Toplash eyeliner.

This super-resistant black Toplash eyeliner and wing stamp make up brings dozens of different style options to you. Most importantly, you can get them all in just a few seconds.

The double-ended Toplash eyeliner includes a unique wing-shaped stamp on one side and a thin-tipped applicator on the other. Now it is easier than ever before to make the perfect wing shape or line with just a quick flip to the other side.

How does the 90-day guarantee work?

It's simple. If you are not satisfied with the product or results, we will refund the full purchase price. We always do what it takes to improve your experience with Toplash.

Why do we offer such a strong guarantee?

Making every customer happy is our main priority. With this goal in mind, we produce only high-quality products that satisfies their needs. If you are not satisfied, we want to know about it. Every honest review helps us make our products better.



No risk. Only reliability!

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Toplash eyeliner & wing stamp